Renata Takes Pink Martini…

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Mine was crazy busy. Between a birthday party, night out with friends, work and a family dinner, it was insane. Love when Monday mornings roll around, kids are off to camp and everything just seems more calm and manageable 🙂

Blue dress 1-3

Blue dress 4

Florals 2

Florals 3

Florals 4

Red dress 3

Red dress 4

Red dress 2

So excited about today’s post. I had the pleasure of visiting Pink Martini‘s showroom. The designer, Amir Bahar is a Toronto native, from Thornhill (where I grew up) and you can find their items in many independent stores all across Canada. I discovered their brand while shopping at a local boutique near my house. They also have a very user-friendly eCom site, perfect for those of us who like to shop online. Amir concentrates on making unique garments for women that are wearable, classy and reasonably priced. I fell in love with this vintage inspired line instantly. He plays with textures, focuses on interesting details, yet manages to keep it classic. After reviewing the fall collection, these three looks were my favourite – trust me it was hard to choose because everything is so stunning. I was totally having a Kate Middleton moment! I felt regal, elegant and empowered. I love that he offers conservative lengths for dresses and skirts. The collection is not overly trendy, which I am seeing way too much of these days. At the end of the day, I want to invest in pieces that will take me through multiple seasons and Pink Martini nailed it. Which look is your favourite? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Have a lovely start to the week! Thank you so much for reading:)

Renata, xo

Find all three looks at Pink Martini Collection and so much more!

Thank for being such an awesome photographer Nagham Cararah🙂

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